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Product Information. Mac OS X Righteousdork: I had to try the link a few times before it took me to the non app store version. The link above will work. The key to the moving the Evernote file to the Trash, as mentioned in the first post, is you have to empty the trash. AppStore thinks you still have it installed even though it is in the trash.

Installing in Mac OS

For anyone still on the Mac App store version and running into problems with Scansnap or other scanners the latest release 3. My Evernote library appears, but I still cannot get scan from my Scansnap into Evernote. It saves the scan to my specified folder, but nothing is in Evernote. I tried the suggested version from outside the Mac Store, but it wouldn't sync with my library or allow me to create notes. This is very disappointing. I am a teacher and was really hoping to use this for student portfolios and unless it gets fixed soon I'll need to scrap the idea completely.

ScanSnap Manager for Mac (V3.2L80) Setup Program

If you are scanning into a custom directory, Evernote from the Mac App Store won't work because of Sandboxing restrictions. If you use the default settings, scanning should work fine. Is there anyway to get that link added to the Downloads section on the website? To avoid confusion, I think most people would understand the following:. And yes, I should have added the link to Evernote so I didn't have to crawl through the forums looking for it.

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I know, I know. Doing that now. I have changed my folder location for this and it doesn't seem to work.

Scansnap Manager problem with High Sierra

How can I reset the folder location for importing into Evernote? I want to stick with the app store version to make the EN5 transition easier. I also like the principle of sandboxing to protect my data from unauthorized access. Just installed EN Scansnap and documents do not feed. Green light flashes, nothing happens.

Have latest version of Mountain Lion and EN both updated today. Tried both Wifi and USB connections. Very frustrating since just out-of-box.

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Are you on a Mac? If so, go to the launchpad, find the Scansnap Manager, and click on it. Then try scanning again. If it still does not scan after that, then there is a deeper problem. Search In.

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  • Recommended Posts. Posted August 10, edited. Simply update your software via the Appstore and your scanner should work properly again. If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store and are experiencing issues using your ScanSnap scanner with Evernote, follow the following instructions: If you have no unsynced or local notebooks, complete a sync and then move Evernote to the trash.

    Share this post Link to post. Posted August 14, That link takes me back to the Mac App Store? Posted August 15, What is the difference in the App store version and the so called "standalone" version? This version is not. Posted August 16, Jackolicious, I finally got it to work.